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There is never a lack of enthusiasm when our customers come to us for a custom Cottage Sign. They all seem to say "we want something a little different, something with our name on it", occasionally they even have a unique name for their Cottage. And then the last line of their request...."and could we get a Loon on it, maybe even a pair of Loons?"

Well, you can't mess with success and we've become pretty adept at carving Loons for our customers so, we developed a couple of "Loon" Signs with special pricing.

Whether you want a something different (with or without Loons) one thing is for sure. Unlike wood, our Slate Cottage Signs will not warp, crack, or rot and will quite likely outlast your Cottage!

Price: $269.00
+ shipping + applicable taxes (in Canada only)

As we do not charge by the letter, number, or scroll, sometimes customers get a little carried away and end up requesting a very busy and not too legible sign. We want to please you, but we also feel that a sign that can't be read is a waste of your money.

The cottage signs also make an exquisite gift. If you're thinking about a long-lasting and always appreciated gift, your search is over!

Choose from a basic template below and order today! You will be able to customize your sign during checkout.

Popular Options:

Night Vision (add $15)

Night Vision is particularly effective when your sign has exposure to oncoming headlights or a street light across the road. It is a popular choice on Cottage Signs and an absolute necessity in areas that require 911 numbering at the roadside. Imagine driving down that dark road and all of a sudden, from 550' away, you see your sign light up!
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Hand Cast Bronze Rosettes: ($25)

You may prefer these Beautiful Hand Cast Bronze Rosettes. This two part mounting system is made for us by the same foundry that supplies the Baseball Hall of Fame with their famous bronze plaques. The quality and finish is unsurpassed and well worth the cost of $25.
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