Hand Carved Slate Address Signs

Creative Slate Sign Making For Your Home or Business

Smaller Regular Oval House Signs

Our Regular style slate signs are for people that love to see as much of the natural beauty of the stone as possible. All of the color, grain, and texture, particularly in the mottled black and green, are visible along with the rugged hand cut edge.

This style does not have the outer line detail available on our Deluxe Signs (Small Oval Deluxe, Large Oval Deluxe, Rectangle Deluxe) which means that your lettering can be made larger, maximizing visibility.

Design of your Sign:

Each sign is individually designed to look it's best. This means your sign truly is custom.
Changes to number height and spacing, without restriction to "standard" number heights, is done without charge.
Simply select the style you want and tell us what you want on it. Number, Name, Scroll... whatever fits!

Keep in mind that sometimes customers get a little carried away and end up requesting a very busy and not too legible sign. We want to please you, but we also feel that a sign that can't be read is a waste of your money.

Take the signs on the right - clear and legible, with big house numbers. Carved and painted, your sign is sure to stand out from all the others (the pizza delivery guy will also be thankful)!

This sign also makes an exquisite gift. If you're thinking about a long-lasting and always appreciated gift, your search is over!

Price: $129.00
+ shipping + applicable taxes (in Canada only)

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How we make your house sign is an artistic endeavor that has taken years to perfect. The lettering is carved into the slate and painted with 3-5 coats of monument grade enamel for durability.

Paint colors include white, ivory, copper, brass, copper/ivory, and white silver. We also offer an optional NightVision coating that goes on top of any of our paint colors which will make the lettering on your sign reflect at night just like a highway sign!

The choice of mounting your sign is entirely up to you. Just let us know your preference and we will supply the hardware free of charge. If you select flat mounting, we offer optional Bronze Rosettes.

Choose a basic sign design you like below and order today! You will have an opportunity to customize your sign during ordering.

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We apologize for the inconvenience, however due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to accept new orders until further notice.